Next Exhibition

28th September – 28th October 2019

Lost Bear Gallery
98 Lurline Street
Katoomba, NSW

02 4782 1220



Previous Exhibitions

22 September – 29 October 2018

Lost Bear Gallery
98 Lurline Street
Katoomba, NSW

02 4782 1220 

2nd – 18th May 2018
Panter and Hall
11-12 Pall Mall

Dancing Light, Kyle Bay 45 x 45cm
Lost Bear Gallery, Katoomba.
23rd September – 23rd October 2017
Opening: 4 – 6pm Saturday 23rd September
With launch of Warwick’s new hardcover book, It’s the Light.
Towers of Stone, Capertee Valley 45 x 45cm
Lost Bear Gallery, Katoomba.
24th September – 24th October 2016
Opening: 4 – 6pm Saturday 24th September 2016
Panter and Hall, London

Lost Bear Gallery, Katoomba

26th September – 26th October 2015


Echos Of Cullenbenbong 120 x 120cm

Lost Bear Gallery, Katoomba

2 – 27th October 2014


Burnished-Bluffs-Capertee-Valley-30x30cm52d33b04c01f6.jpg Panter and Hall, London
14th May to 30th May 2014
Colour of Closing Day Cobar 30x30cm Lost Bear Gallery, Katoomba
12th October to 4th November 2013
ValleyHillatSunset Katoomba Fine Art
15th September to 15th October 2012
exhib_sketch-for-Golden-Afternoon-Light- Panter and Hall, London
17th April to 11th May 2012
tb_spinifexinmorninglight The Western Australian Club, Perth:
27th Sept to 21st Oct 2011
tb_afternoonsun Lost Bear Gallery, Leura:
29th Sept to 24th Oct 2011
Capertee1mx1.2mthumbnail Katoomba Fine Art:
9th to 26th October 2010
bigskylittlehartleysml Panter and Hall (London):
11th May – 4th June 2010
trees_forbes_t Katoomba Fine Art:
31st March to 24th April 2009
hassans_wall Oakham Contemporary (London):
31st March to 24th April 2009
standofsaplings Boyd Fine Art Gallery:
October/November 2008
Stark_Morning Panter and Hall:
April 2008
Autumn-Afternoon-Tum Katoomba Fine Art Exhibition:
6th to 24th October 2007
OLD-GUM-ON-THE-DARLING Boyd Fine Art Gallery
Exhibition: 13th October to 8th November 2006
fire_in_the_sky Panter and Hall
Exhibition: 8th January 2006
big_valley Katoomba Fine Art
Exhibition: 8th to 26th October 2005
macquarie McGraths Art Gallery
June 2005
granitet Panter and Hall Exhibition
21st – 30th – April 2004
derbyt Boyd Fine Art Gallery
Exhibition: 8th to 31st October 2004