Three Day Painting Workshops with Warwick Fuller

The Kanimbla Valley holds many treasures for the landscape painter.

My great, great, grand parents settled here in 1839. I first saw this beautiful country when I was a teenager. I came here to find traces of my ancestors (the well and chimney still exists). I now live in the valley and have discovered many of its charms and challenges. I now conduct 3 day outdoor oil painting workshops each year.

The groups are limited to about ten energetic painters with experience in oils. I will be giving demonstrations and helping you individually while you paint.

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Just a note to let you know it was a privilege to be in your workshop, it was very personal and you are so patient apart being one of Australia’s iconic artists I wish you more success in the future, loved every minute of it can’t wait to do another one.

Judy Roberts

You were very generous with your information and I found your demos incredibly useful, especially the finishing off touches. Will be rushing out and buying a French box easel in Melbourne on Friday. Whole weekend was inspirational. Great venue and good company too.
Meg Dillon

Congratulations on running a most successful workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole three days and as a result of your insight and guidance have changed my own approach to painting for good. With your demonstrations and kind advice the penny has finally dropped on the fundamentals that I have read and heard over and over again. Even the small things like using the brim of your hat to help find the correct tone has been ground breaking.
Chris Hooper

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the weekend. It was hard work, but very rewarding.
Although it was rather overwhelming to paint such powerful landscapes, and I struggled so much, I really got a lot out of it. Apart from painting, what most thrilled and excited me, was watching you paint. Your demonstrations were priceless. Your concentration was amazing. I learnt a lot!
Michie Elliott

Thank you for a fantastic workshop. It was a genuine pleasure to meet you and see you paint. I feel I have learnt a great deal, but as you say – perhaps I only think I have! No, I’m sure I have. I was so impressed with how hard you worked over the three days and how generous you were in sharing your knowledge and skill, thank you. Many artists are not so ready to give of their time and talent. A huge thank you for that and for helping me to really see what I am painting.
Deb Rogers

Downloadable Instructional Videos

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A Direct Approach

Instructional – Downloadable Video

Warwick Fuller demonstrates his favorite method for capturing those elusive and fleeting subjects that just can’t wait for a wash to dry. Follow Warwick into s towering Mountain Ash forest and watch him capture the late winter sun on the bluffs.
Running Time : 56 mins

Buy stream and download from Vimeo:

Lessons in the Landscape

Instructional – Downloadable Video

1 1/2 hours of instruction on how to tackle a landscape painting from start to finish!
Warwick Fuller is one of this country’s best landscape painters and in this jam-packed, value for money video, he runs through many keys to painting a landscape outdoors in oils.

Whether you are a beginner or a serious amateur, this video will expand your techniques as you follow Warwick’s successful approach.
In particular, he stresses three things that will help you not only control the painting but that will ultimately allow you to paint any subject more effectively.

Running Time : 84 mins

Buy, stream and download from Vimeo:

Into the Light

Instructional – Downloadable Video
A full demonstration in oils by Warwick Fuller. Join Warwick for an on-location demonstration of his into-the-light technique. Watch two paintings come to life using time lapse photography. Learn as he paints on location, shows and discusses how he selects a subject, intuitively composes the subject, lays in the washes and works through the painting to completion. The brushwork in shown in detail as he paints ‘wet in wet’, the technique Warwick uses to quickly capture the effects of light.
Watch ‘Moonrise over the Nepean’ and ‘Morning Sun, Mudgee’ come to life as Warwick graphically illustrates his painting techniques. Hours of painting are shown using time lapse photography. A visual feast of ten paintings shown through close examination how the techniques shown on this video apply to a wide variety of subjects.

Running Time : 60 mins

Buy, stream and download from Vimeo: